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About us


We are a locally owned and operated company that believes food should be fresh, healthy, and convenient.  Our goal is to deliver to you fresh produce from local farms, while also having access to produce not locally grown in our area. Thus, giving you the ability to support farms locally and still enjoy produce from other regions.  We also believe that by preparing and cooking fresh foods we can establish a lifelong zest for healthy eating.  By having your food delivered to you directly from us, it eliminates the hassle of trying to choose produce from the store.  This in turn can help to keep you from choosing the processed foods that we know aren't good for us.  Lastly, as a locally operated company, we recycle back into the community by purchasing extra produce every week that we donate to a nonprofit organization which helps feed hungry families in Eastern North Carolina.  This is important to us, because you're our neighbor and we're yours!